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Home > Flagpoles & Hardware > Bolt On Wall Mount Flagpole Holder. #nsh-703d

Bolt On Wall Mount Flagpole Holder. #nsh-703d

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Item #: 24190
Price: $19.25

Now You Can Fly Your Giant Message Flag Flag on a fence or building!

Designed to hold swooper/feather flag poles. You can attach this bracket to fences, near the top of square light poles or buildings. Made of heavy duty steel, each bracket has a 4 inch x 5 7/8 inch plate with four holes to allow for easy mounting.

Small hole at the bottom of the 5 inch tall shaft allows for water drainage. 

Item for sale is a Bolt On Wall Mount flag holder.
Water Base Flagpole Holder
SALE: $36.95
Roof Mount Flagpole Holder #703c
SALE: $25.50
flagpole set
SALE: $29.95
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