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Home > All Feather Flags > Open House Flagkit Includes Flag, Flagpole, & Ground-spike Yellow #sre-9002

Open House Flagkit Includes Flag, Flagpole, & Ground-spike Yellow #sre-9002

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Item #: 23944
Price: $64.95

This feather flag, also called an advertising banner, has a vibrant colored background with bold graphics and text. Great for realtors and property managers!

This flag measures approximately 2.5 feet wide by 6.5 feet tall. When installed on the flagpole it is nearly 8 feet tall.

Constructed from UV treated, lightweight and affordable polyester. The printing on our flags is dyed-through so the message is visible from both sides.

It has a sewn sleeve that easily slips over the specially designed flagpole that is included.

This flag is sold as a complete kit which includes a flag, flagpole, and ground-spike. It can be set-up in less than 5 minutes without any tools. (if the ground is frozen or hard you may need a hammer to pound the ground-spike in)

Purchase one of our feather banners today and get your property or open-house noticed!

open house flag


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